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Our clinic treats about 30 acne patients a year. The strategy to a beautiful complexion is an herbal formulation crafted to your condition. More than 70% see better than a 75% improvement within one treatment course, which is six weeks.    

1. The Causes and Pathophysiology of Acne

The pathophysiology of acne is fire stagnating on the inside that cannot be expressed to the outside. Acne is formed as fire that seeks to pass out through the skin stagnates. Here are two key terms: one is "fire", the other is "stagnation." What are fire and stagnation?

Sources of fire: 1) hormonal changes during youth, expressed as liver imbalance; 2) eating too much fatty, sweet, and rich foods; and 3) emotional stress causing stagnation on the face that becomes fire.  

How fire stagnates:

  1. Cold exposure-- For example, washing one's face with cold water after sweating, air-conditioning, and cold iced-drinks.
  2. High work stress or emotional stress.

Primarily there are two types of acne: 1) adolescent and 2) post-adolescent female including menopausal and perimenopausal.

2. Principle Treatment Strategy for Acne

Strategy: Release Stagnant Fire

Herbal Treatment: Customized formulation executing the following actions

  1. Releasing stagnant heat to the outside through aromatic herbs with high essential oil content.
  2. Clear heat and toxicity through herbs high in alkaloids documented to reduce inflammation.
  3. Reduction of swelling
  4. Calm anxiety and balance liver
  5. Tonify digestion to assist releasing action of herbs and protect against harsh heat clearing herbs.

3. Different Acne Formations Require Different Strategies

There are three common types of acne formation:

  1. Fire acne: hard, bright red, with white heads, usually person of large physical build.
  2. Deficiency acne: acne that is not red, usually person of slight build who feels cold.
  3. Combination of the two

Herbs are selected based on the type of acne formation. For example, fire acne is treated with more alkaloids. Conversely, the second type is treated with a smaller amount of alkaloids and more warming and tonifying herbs. Pustular acne requires herbs specifically targeted for clearing pus. If the cause of acne is from emotions, then aromatic herbs to balance the liver and release stagnant heat are the focus.

4. Challenges in the Treatment of Acne and Its Resolution

At the outset the patient sees resolution of old acne but new pimples keep emerging. The reason for this is that the skin already harbors acne that has still yet to express. After continuing to drink the formula's aromatic essential oils, this type of acne will express. This is simply a part of the healing process. This acne will resolve as quickly as it emerges.

5. Maintenance

To the extent that the factors giving rise to acne can be eliminated or controlled, then no maintenance required.

6. Shortcomings in Pharmaceutical Approaches to Acne

Pharmaceuticals are largely anti-inflammatory, which addresses the heat and fire components of the condition. However, anti-inflammatories create stagnation, preventing the expression that needs to occur. Although acne doesn't express while taking the medication, acne recurs once the medication is stopped, often worse. This is because sole use of anti-inflammatories only suppresses expression but do not use a balance of alkaloids with aromatic essential oils and do nothing to address emotions and the digestive system.      

7. Costs and Payment

Costs for one treatment course begins at two payments of $265. Options include therapies relevant to your condition. All credit cards accepted.  Superbill receipts issued for PPO members.  EFLEX and work benefit health plans also accepted.