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  • Has the lancintating pain of genital herpes or shingles got you affected intimacy or your ability to work?
  • Is suffering about the house naked not a future you particularly welcome?
  • Are anti-viral medications and creams of little or no effect?
  • Have you taken harsh bitter-tasting herbal formularies or bitter pills to clear heat and dampness to no avail?
  • What if you were being treated all wrong?
  • Instead of trying to kill viruses your body should be strengthened and the toxin encouraged to vent through the skin?
  • What if you could be clear from your suffering by taking a sweet nourishing potion for only 10 days?

It's all in the brew...

Most immune related conditions of the skin involve some factor of overactivity and another of underactivity, usually the digestive system, sometimes an underactive thyroid. Both aspects of body function must be treated for viruses to be checked. Digestive strength is a basic marker for evaluating the body's over all function. If the digestive energy is weak, e.g., IBS, food sensitivities and allergies, then there is not only little energy to catalyze food but also little for medications. If there is little energy to catalyze food and medications then by extension there is little energy for the body to keep latent viruses in check.

Viral conditions that erupt in one's advanced years, in instances of hypothyroid, or respiratory weakness are unresponsive to orthodox approaches either in Eastern or Western medicine because the underlying deficiency has yet to be addressed. You need the right brew customized to your condition, also mindful of possible medications you may already be taking.

Types treated:

  • Shingles/Zoster
  • Genital herpes
  • Oral herpes
  • Behcets


You will be customized a formula to boost your immune system while simultaneously reducing the viral eruption. You'll receive two bags, then come in for a check-up after five days. Modifications based on redness and pain will be made for your next three bags. Your sweet tasting brew, taken three times daily, will get you back in control of life.

Costs and Payment

Depending on how serious your condition is and your age, you'll want to budget at least for one month of treatment.  How much time you will need will be determined after you've been evaluated.  If you decide to go the herb only route, you'll want to budget $250 for the month.  Herbs and treatment sessions start at $350/mth.  A single treatment session is $150/hr and may last up to 90 minutes.  There is no first patient charge nor is there a charge for an evaluation. 

All credit cards are accepted.  Superbill receipts can be issued for you if you have a PPO.  EFLEX and work benefit health plans are also accepted.  All payment is due after devising your treatment strategy and before treatment.

To schedule an evaluation call: 323.936.5152.