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  • Is the cycle of recurrent infections affecting your ability to work?
  • Are the courses of antibiotics not working and you still feel horrible?
  • Are you testing negative for an infection but you still aren't breathing as you normally would?
  • Do you feel like you have a cold that just won't go away?
  • Would you like to forget about using your inhaler?
  • What if you were being treated all wrong?

This can happen when strong antibiotics or steroids are administered when the body is too weak to make use of them. Chronic bronchitis, whether it be from cigarette smoking, work-related hazards , weather , or low immunity, is a complex syndrome that doesn't involve just using strong antibiotics but also requires clearing stubborn phlegm and treating the root accordingly.

Types treated:

  • Acute
  • Chronic
  • Asthmatic
  • COPD


  • Stage 1: Cupping
  • Stage 2: Acupuncture/Moxa
  • Stage 3: Customized formula
  • Stage 4: Maintenance

The skin is often called the third lung. Opening the pores and moving stagnant blood from pent up heat does wonders to open the breathing and get relief from chest tightness and oppression. Sessions may conclude here depending or advance to Stage 2: Acupuncture/Moxa.

This is where points that specialize in regulating lung function are accessed on the back, with heat stimulation in cases of rattling phlegm and needles... or magnets for those who prefer more gentle methods. Acute cases that arise from some type of respiratory infection are administered Stage 3: Customized formula, otherwise chronic cases can often be well controlled by Stage 4: Maintenance on a monthly basis.

Getting to the point where you're not catching cold, sleeping cough-free at night, and carrying on freely with your everyday activities can happen in a timeframe realistic given the condition. Acute bronchitis should be more than 90% resolved within 10 days. Chronic bronchitis requires a course of six treatments before the rate of efficacy can be determined. All acupuncture treatments are boosted with the use of herbs and particularly severe cases must take herbs if only to ensure that the body doesn't wear down between weekly acupuncture sessions.

Costs and Payment

Depending on how serious your condition is and your age, you'll want to budget at least for one month of treatment.  How much time you will need will be determined after you've been evaluated.  If you decide to go the herb only route, you'll want to budget $250 for the month.  Herbs and treatment sessions start at $350/mth.  A single treatment session is $150/hr and may last up to 90 minutes.  There is no first patient charge nor is there a charge for an evaluation. 

All credit cards are accepted.  Superbill receipts can be issued for you if you have a PPO.  EFLEX and work benefit health plans are also accepted.  All payment is due after devising your treatment strategy and before treatment.

To schedule an evaluation call: 323.936.5152.


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