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  • Are you have difficulty breathing while carrying out normal activities?
  • Do you cough at night or wake not rested because lying down makes breathing worse?
  • Do you experience chest and throat tightness to the point of anxiety and irritability?
  • Are you enjoying diminishing returns and increasing side-effects from the use of prednisone and other medications?
  • What if the factors that give rise to bronchiole constriction and phlegm could be addressed at its source?


The way Chinese medicine approaches lung conditions may seem foreign but it is based on common sense.  The lungs are part of a system involved with taking in oxygen and feeding it to the blood stream in cooperation with the heart.  The lung, i.e., respiratory system, involves the nose, sinuses, throat, wind pipes, and the lungs themselves.  Lung function is affected by external factors such as bacteria, fungi,  other critters and critter waste.  Internal factors include diet, emotions, and health of other internal organs, in particular the digestive organs and the kidneys.  Determining which of these factors are most prevalent is the first course of action in opening the passage ways.

Treatment Strategy

Once an evaluation is made a treatment strategy is devised.  This includes a treatment schedule and some combination of herbs and acupuncture.  Conditions arising from infections, chronic or otherwise, must be treated with herbs.  This may involve pills or a customized formulation depending on the circumstances and your budget.  The more serious the respiratory condition, the more essential a customized herbal formulation. 

Since respiratory conditions invole the inability of the lungs to open and disperse, cupping plays a vital role in

   1) reducing inflammation caused by lung stagnation
   2) opening the lungs so breathing is easier
   3) relaxing the back and neck muscles that are taking an excess load trying to compensate for weak lungs
   4) opening the passage ways that are involved with the fluid metabolism giving rise to phlegm and/or sinus congestion.

The treatment strategy for chronic infectious respiratory conditions is to 1) eliminate the pathogens, i.e., the "bugs" that are causing the condition and 2) to boost the immune system so as to break the chain of chronic infection.  Depending on your age and how often you get infections like the common cold that causes bronchitis, recovery can be relatively quick, less than a month.  In such cases, you are monitored closely, with visits tending to be two to three times a week, so that the formulation can modified according how your body responds.  

Chronic respiratory conditions that do not arise from infection involves treating the organ systems that contribute to lung function.  In particular, the digestive system and diet must be examined, as well as the kidneys which are responsible for fluid metabolism, and the liver which participates in auto-immune responses.  You'll want to budget for three months of treatment at the outset.  Herbs and treatment are structured around your budget so that you can enjoy the benefits of treatment that require more time.

Costs and Payment

Costs are based upon a treatment strategy of acupuncture and herbs that we develop based your case.   All credit cards accepted.  Superbill receipts issued for PPO members.  EFLEX and work benefit health plans also accepted. 


To schedule an evaluation call: 323.936.5152.